Coring supervision

Coring supervision in delineation projects for oil sands and oil carbonates:

Coring Supervision

Oil sands and oil carbonates are increasingly important in today's energy landscape. Large scale delineation projects in the Athabasca Oil Sands, Cold Lake, Peace River Oil Sands or the Grosmont Carbonate Trend require extensive coring of shallow deposits, supervised by large teams of wellsite geologists. Chinook Consulting has the ability to organize multi-personel teams, as well as project coordinators for such operations. Many or our subcontractors specialize in oil sands operations, and several have experience the more technical carbonate resource plays.

Services provided by our wellsite geologists include:

  • Coring coordination
  • Core recovery supervision
  • Labeling and shipping
  • Core description
Core equipment coordination
  • Coordinate timing with drilling supervisor and/or operations coordinators
  • Communicating coring program to core hands
  • Confirming core point based on cuttings
  • Consistent report templates detailing coring operations
Coring supervision
  • Supervising core extraction, tube cutting and capping
  • Recording core recovery
  • Labelling of core tubes and core boxes
  • On site QC of coring process
  • Shipping to laboratory, refrigerator storage or transition yards
  • Reporting (core recovery reports, striplogs and core logs, operations reports, final well reports)
Core description
  • Lithological descriptions
  • Oil saturation estimation
  • Core logs based on core plugs or core observation (spot core description based on core plugs/tube end samples)
  • Striplogs based on drill cuttings samples
  • Facies identification

Our wellsite geologists provide comprehensive reports, using consistent formats, along established requirement guidelines

  • Daily Reports: striplog/core log, operations reports, data files
  • Coring recovery reports
  • Shipping records
  • Wireline reports
  • Final Reports: striplogs, final geological report, data files, photos
  • All our subcontractors have valid and up to date safety tickets (H2S Alive, First Aid/CPR, WHMIS, TDG)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (fire retardant coverall with reflective stripes, top impact hard hat with inside suspension system type I, class B, steel toed boots, goggles/safety glasses with side protection, rubber lined gloves for work with oil based products, etc)
  • Our subcontrators are trained to observe safety procedures and protocols (established travel protocol, observe health, safety and environmental requirement imposed by the operator, report safety hazards and environmental concerns)

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