Drill cuttings

Chinook Consulting employs the services of several petrographers. Studies on cores and cuttings, as well as thin sections, can be performed on the client's premises, at laboratories, at the board or at our office.

Services provided by our petrographer include:

  • Petrography striplogs
  • Petrographic features
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Digital photography
  • Digital data exports
Petrographic striplogs

We use GeoStrip software with templates created with petrography in mind; all parameters and interpretations can be exported in digital form to be used in geological models

  • Petrographic descriptions of samples (main constituents, grain size, cementation, accessory minerals
  • Porosity and permeability estimation
  • Oil staining, fluorescence and cut
  • Fracturation
  • Reservoir evaluation
  • Digital microscope photos (including pore and grain measurements performed on calibrated photos)
  • Digital data exports (las, csv, txt)
Digital Photography

High resolution photography of drill cuttings as seen through a microscope enable our petrographers to perform extremely acurate measurements on drill cuttings.

  • High resolution micro-photography
  • Identification of petrographic features on images
    • Grains, constituents
    • Cement type
    • Porous space, porosity type
    • Fractures
  • Direct measurements on calibrated images
    • Grain size
    • Pore size
    • Microfracture span
    • Overgrowth crystal size
Reservoir evaluation
  • Porosity estimation (porosity type, percent estimation)
  • Permeability estimation (Sneider classification, Archie classes) based on accurate grain size measurements and porosity estimates
  • Identification of open and closed fractures, identification of fracture fill, measurements, frequency estimates
  • Visual identification of oil stain, fluorescence and fluorescent cut
  • Facies identification
  • Highgrading and collection of samples for additional analysis (XRF, XRD, QRF, RockEval, SEM, TOC, etc)

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